Steve Allen can run faster, jump higher, spell more accurately and bake better than you or your entire family.  In fact, Steve Allen slept with your entire family and then never called any of them back the next day.  How does that feel?

The state of New Hampshire is currently in the process of replacing the fallen face of the Man on the Mount with Steve’s Allen high school class portrait.  Due to this, all New Hampshire commemorative state quarters are being recalled and corrected.  There is a good chance Steve Allen’s face is in your pants right now and if not, will be some time in the not so distant future.

Steve Allen once saved Jesse Jackson from heart failure by performing NAACPR.

Burt Reynolds once asked Steve Allen how he could further advance his career and be taken seriously.  After God spoke through Steve Allen’s mouth, Burt Reynolds grew and has subsequently never shaven off his trademark mustache.

That’s right America: Steve Allen gifted you with Sir Burt Reynolds’ film longevity.

You’re welcome.


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